Do not know how to say,

or is it that i should first pray, 

GOD you know what I want,

and it is only you who can grant,

Seeing her is always a treat,

and my Heart misses a beat

If loving someone isn’t a crime,

why does the pain worsen along with time,

i want her to always be in touch,

for i really do love her very much,

I know that I really need her,

but would she vouch me for,

how do I  make my feelings know ?

my fears and inhibitions are spoiling the show,

Should I bring forth my rhetoric skills,

but I do not know if this trick saves or kills,

or is it better to be plain and straight,

I know that is my natural trait,

So i believe I would directly face her,

and say “ Dear I truly love you than any one I did ever