A tribute

With all the vilification that happens about you and the misinformation which is spread, it is tough for anyone to forget you. 
But we do need to make an effort to try remember you for the right reasons. 
For the visionary that you were, to take a nation burdened by the past and weakened by colonial loot and setting it on a path towards development. We failed you many times- the people, the leaders . But inspite of all it , the foundation was so strong that we continued to grow. For standing tall and being futuristic in guiding us inspite of knowing that the nation cannot match up to you, we still aren’t even after all these years.
For being an Institution builder. The institutions that you established and envisioned still are the ones that we rely on. The fact that there aren’t many other apart from what you envisioned, makes one think of what it could have been if it wasnt for your vision. 
For having the trust in democratic process and institutions. Being able to say “don’t spare me Shankar” , emphasising the importance of criticism in democracy. 
For having the priorities right in respect to the need for education as a right every one ought be having and believing in scientific temper. A trait the nation – leaders and people alike , lack now. 
For being a true world statesman who set an alternate vision amidst a bipolar world, unlike the global trotter we have now. 
For outliving the romanticism of Freedom struggle and taking up the burden of nation building, as all your pals from freedom movement gone before the reality of the state of nation kicked in.
Yes, it has not always been success stories, there have been ones we hoped you did better. For a man of your stature and influence- there are things which did have repercussions as we introspect in later day. 
The wealth of knowledge that you penned down, not only the books but also your various correspondences are a treasure trove for any one ready to spare the effort. I am still exploring. 
This age could have been great for you , with all the technology and know-how. We can only imagine what you could have envisioned and achieved, for you did achieve a lot inspite of all the handicap of those days. But, it is also true we might not have been where we are if it wasn’t for you at that point in our history. 
I know you through the ones you wrote and ones others wrote about you. There is lot that I need to read, but the admiration for you runs deep. 
We are so accustomed to decide and judge retrospectively that we fail to take cognisance of those times and circumstances. The failures of the current crop only shows we would have been worse off if it was they. 
Conveniently flogged for sins of those who came after and the nation, we fail to realise what you achieved. As I recall someone writing “ we still live in the house Nehru built” . 
Happy Birthday Jawaharlal Nehru.

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